fredag 15. mars 2013

She`s so cute 32

Denne gang er vi så heldige å ha besøk fra det stor utland, og det er med stolthet vi presenterer denne flotte damen for dere:

Hello everyone!  I am so thrilled to be Guest Designing at That's Just So Cute! for this month!!!  

Here is a little bit about me;

Hello! My name is Chantal Vandenberg and I live in beautiful, sunny Australia. I enjoy documenting fun little snippets of everyday life and presenting them in such a way, to creatively bring them to life! Well, that is what scrapbooking means to me, anyway!  In a nutshell, I think my scrapbooking style is colourful, cute, fun and funky! I have been very fortunate to be published regularly in numerous magazines in Australia and overseas and I am currently on some absolutely awesome design teams, such as Flourish with a Bling, 2Crafty and Meg's Garden!!! :)

1) When did you start scrapbooking? Five years ago, when my second daughter, Heidi was born!  Time flies!!
2) What is your inspiration?  My inspiration begins with the photographs and the particular memories I want to capture.  After that, I am inspired by all the wonderful talent out there... like here for instance!  There's amazing inspiration to be found in blogland and magazines!  Also I am inspired greatly by movies and tv shows too!  For example - Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Spongebob etc... waaay too many to mention! :)
3) Is there something you can not do without? I would have to say I really love my pens and markers.  I love giving everything a clean and distinct line, to make it stand out.  I guess that could stem from my love of comics and cartooning!
4) Which scrappers inspire you now and why? There are so many to choose from.  I could list so many, but I will tell you my all time favourite scrapper, the one that originally had my eyes on sticks (Lol!) and still does - and that is the fabulous Leeann Pearce (aka Miss Wally).  She is amazing!!!
5) Do you have some special things/technique you do while scrapbooking?  I almost always have music on... LOUD.  It's super fun!  Also I normally rip things apart (e.g.: embellishments) and change things up (e.g. try new techniques) all the time.  It's not that I don't like the original product or what I am starting with, I just can't help myself from trying different things all the time... it's just how I roll.  :D

My challenge for you all is....


I want you to "let rip" with colour and go crazy!  Have a great time!  I have used flouros and brights on my layout (to suit the photo and theme)!  You don't to go flouro, but it must be bright!  And fun!  That's all!!!

Here's my example layout...

My flouro colours were achieved by using flouro-coloured oil pastels.  Super easy and fun to use!  Team up  brights with lots of black, white and grey to make them "POP" even more...

The fun happy faces were on the backs of a mini playing card pack and I've a happy face badge on there too.  These items were bought from a cheap shop... scrapbooking needn't cost a fortune! :)

The paper umbrella mirrors the paper lantern in the photo nicely... plus it's summery and fun!  New Years' in Australia is smack bang in Summer...

Try stick to a maximum of about five colours (not including the neutrals like black, white & grey) to keep a bit of unity.

So are you up for the challenge?!!  I hope so - it's lots of fun!!!

So what's a challenge without a prize?  Here's my prize up for grabs...

 I've got some yummy goodies that I use lots - because I love them!  Amongst the goodies there's some fantastic Flourish with a Bling embellishments, 2Crafty chipboard and my very own (made by me) Cartoon Cuties!!! :D

I hope you can all play along with me!

Og lekt med, det har vi gjort! Her kommer våre fargesprakende løsninger:






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